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Merry Christmas, friends! Tandem For Two

Merry Christmas, friends!

I know you may be up to your eyeballs in last minute holiday prep, but I'd like you to take a minute and put down the homemade cookie recipe, gift wrap and tape, or guest towels. Now relax your shoulders and just take a deep breath.

All the extra stuff we try to cram in the holidays, is just that...extra. You are enough. The time you spend with your loved ones is enough. All the rest is just gravy. So by this point if it's not done and you still can do it with a smile on your face and no panic in your heart, then by all means, bake that last batch of cookies and wrap those last presents.

But if you're freaking out about how you're going to get it all done to make it the perfect Christmas, just stop and make it perfect by hanging out on the couch with your kids, having a heartfelt conversation with your significant other, or reaching out to a family member.

Enjoy these next few days of just being instead of doing, so you can look back and say this was time well spent.

Have a very, merry Christmas!


P.S. If your family is like mine and the introverts of the family need some space from too much togetherness, you can always get online and shop my fantastic year end specials. I'm cleaning out my handmade goods and so many of these designs and products won't ever be available again, so get them now while you still can. And I won't tell you snuck in a little alone time!

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