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Must Haves for a Teen Girl Emergency Kit - tandemfortwo.com

Must Haves for a Teen Girl Emergency Kit

When my daughter started middle school, I grabbed one of my pouches, added a few cute enamel pins and turned it into a kit for emergencies. Since she’s gotten older, we've added to it and by keeping this in her backpack, it has eased her stress and given her peace of mind!

1. Feminine products

A must for any teen girl. Get her favorites that she's used to and comfortable with and if there’s room even pack an extra pair of underwear.

2. Deodorant

Travel size is great to include as teen’s hormones are changing or if they are in sports at the end of a long day.

3. Make-up remover/hand wipes

Good for far more than removing make-up, keep these wipes on hand for any situation.

4. Extra pen/pencil

Things happen and having an extra pencil on test day can be a lifesaver!

5. Chapstick or lip gloss

Living in a cold climate, chapstick is a must!

6. Cell Phone Charger

As she got older, my daughter was on the go more so keeping a charger handy ensured we could keep in contact.

7. Spare House Key

Batteries and power may fail, so an actual key is a good back-up plan. Put it on a cute key fob so it's not easily lost.

Here's a few more ideas...

Cover-up stick or powder

For those unexpected breakouts or oily spells, both a cover-up stick and/or powder in their favorite brands will help them feel more confident all day long.

Breath mints or gum

Great to use after lunch or a mid afternoon pick-me-up. A small container of dental floss is always a good idea too!


My daughter has had a debit card since middle school to help learn money management, but a little emergency money just in case situations arise is always good to have on hand.



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