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October = Celebrate the Changes this Fall Season!

October = Celebrate the Changes this Fall Season!

This October is going to be a bit different for our family - we’ve come off a long and not always easy summer and with the change in temperatures, there is a change in our family too. Change is downright hard for some of my family members and friends, but I look forward to it. It is a new season in our family, not just on the calendar, so this month I plan to do lots of celebrating. We will celebrate all the big and little things that are so easily taken for granted as we zoom through our busy days.

Every time my daughter takes to the field of her new sport, we celebrate her playing and the hard work she’s put in practice.

Our family ritual of apple picking won’t get so much eye-rolling from our teens this year. After being apart from our family, my son is actually looking forward to that time (and the warm donuts and cider of course)!

We try hard to make sure we’re all together for family meals each night. It’s not always easy, but as our kids get older our time together gets shorter and what better place to catch up on each other’s day before our evenings fill up with activities and homework?

What are some things you can do to celebrate the changes this season? Gather some friends or neighbors together? Make an ordinary weekday dinner special? Take your kid out for a milkshake or your teen for coffee and just enjoy a little time together? Have fun celebrating this season!

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