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October = Fall Into the Season

October = Fall Into the Season

Apple picking, hot spiced cider or mulled wine, pumpkins on the front porch, roasted pumpkin seeds, football games, crunchy leave piles…when you think of this season a lot of great things come to mind if you live in the northern part of our country. Part of the reason I love living in the Midwest is because of our change in seasons, and this month signals a big one. Our landscape changes and so does the weather. Days are cooler and more colorful. Our activities and rituals change and it’s a beautiful time to head out and explore.

Every few years in October, my mom and sister and I have headed out on a road trip. We don’t always pick this time of year, but looking back over the years I realized that a lot of our trips do end up in this month. Maybe it’s because the initial school routine has already been in full swing for a month and it’s before we start to get busy with the holidays. Maybe it’s because it’s been several months since we got out an explored. Either way October is a beautiful time for a weekend away.

In this month we’ve explored quaint little New England towns, wine country in Wisconsin, antiquing in Pennsylvania, and city lights and Broadway shows in Chicago. The crisp fall air, sweaters and boots, and mugs of coffee as we crunch along and take in the sites and just enjoy being together. Each place has different food to enjoy, historic sites to see, even art and antiques vary depending on the region.

Maybe your schedule isn’t up for a road trip, but you can still get out and explore. Taking our dog for a walk in our local neighborhood allows us to get into the woods pretty quickly and enjoy the crisp leaves and beautiful colors. Sometimes that might be all the time we have, but it’s enough to get away for a little while.

What do you plan to do this month to enjoy the season and your surroundings?

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