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September = Love where you live!

September = Love where you live!

Tandem For Two

This past weekend my husband and I found ourselves alone for dinner. Both teenagers had work and friend commitments, so we decided spur of the moment to have a date night. We rode our tandem bike (yes the bike that inspired my business name) down to a restaurant along the water and actually got seated at a table overlooking the channel and lighthouse. We enjoyed ourselves as the sun set and said once again to each other - "can you believe how lucky we are to live a short bike ride from all this?"

Every so often my husband and I pinch ourselves that we get to live in the town we do. I grew up in metro-Detroit and although I miss how much culture and diversity it has, I do love the slower pace, wonderful downtown and sense of community that we have in our town. My husband and I chose to live in this town and both commuted to make that happen. Now his drive seems to get even longer with more traffic, weather, and construction but we are thankful that he does that and on nights that we watch the sunset on the lake, he is glad too.

Do you love where you live? Maybe it's not the town you live in, but the home you've cultivated that you love? As the weather turns cooler and the season changes, we start to come back indoors and see things that we might have missed over our busy summer. We change things up as the season changes - we remove the collection of flip flops that has magically grown over the summer and put away the beach bags and towels. We start to think of fall flowers and pumpkins (or pumpkin spice lattes) and we nest.

How do you layer your nest? I pull out the blankets to keep near the couch on cooler evenings to snuggle and I'm hoping to make time to sew some new throw pillows out of antique wool plaid blankets to go with my bucket list pillow. What are you planning on doing this fall to make your house even more of a place you love and want to come home to?

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