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September = Start Something New - tandemfortwo.com

September = Start Something New

I have always bought myself a back to school outfit in the month of September. Sounds funny, right? I mean our kids are heading back to school, some are leaving for college or work, and we are just continuing the regular routine of our job or stay-at-home schedule. Our kids are the ones getting all the new school supplies, new dorm decor, backpacks and lunchboxes, but what about us? 

I decided a while ago that so seldom do I spend money on just myself, that I could freshen up my wardrobe once a year with a brand new outfit. Might not sound like much to those of you who love clothes, or those that have careers outside the home and have to look professional, but I started this tradition back when I was a stay-at-home mom and didn’t need an updated wardrobe. My ten year old jeans and yoga pants were just fine, thanks. But after I started this, I realized it was so much more than just a new outfit, more than just clothes. It was the act of taking care of myself in the midst of taking care of everyone else. 

When I was busy replacing shoes and clothes my kids had outgrown, replenishing school supplies, and buying the never-ending supply of necessary sports equipment, I was focused on making sure my kids started off their school year right. I wanted to ensure they had a smooth transition to the new grade or new building or new teacher. And in the middle of ensuring all those good things, how many times do we forget to make sure we take care of ourselves? I think it’s pretty common. So I decided to start something new. 

Maybe for you that something new, isn’t a killer new outfit that makes you feel good, maybe it’s getting a massage or a pedicure (a rare splurge for me). Or maybe it’s overhauling your home office and clearing the clutter or creating a read nook in your home to cozy up with a book. Maybe it’s planning a quick weekend or day away to explore a new place and get rejuvenated. I think we all can take better care of ourselves and that enables us to be the best version of ourselves for those around us. Now I need to go to my favorite store downtown and pick out my back-to-school outfit. Not sure what I’ll call it when my kids aren’t in school anymore!


It’s a fun tradition!

Love this idea – it’s been too long since I’ve purchased a new outfit for myself!

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