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Soothing Color of Green!

Soothing Color of Green!

Equal Length of Day and Night 

I love that fresh earth smell - green shoots poking through the ground and buds appearing on branches. When the snow starts to melt and the mornings begin filled with the chirp of birds, these are sure signals of Spring. History shows that civilizations celebrate the lengthening of days and change in the season. Spring celebrations date back thousands of years and are rooted in historic and pagan rituals that commemorated the Vernal Equinox, the moment in the year the length of day and night are equal. This change of seasons, when the sun began to tip the scales against the winter darkness, is welcomed by all. This season is filled with signs of rebirth and renewal, fertility and planting.

The Soothing Color of Green

So what better way to enjoy the beginning of Spring than by gathering together surrounded by friends and family (and maybe a few plants)? I have always loved the color green - and all of its various shades - and have several rooms in my house painted green. Maybe because it’s such a calm, soothing color or maybe because of its earthiness that I am reminded of the woods. Regardless, when I started thinking of Spring, I knew I needed to draw some green plants and the lovely and popular Monsterra plant came to mind.

Welcome Spring Into Your Home

Monstera Deliciosa, or Mexican Breadfruit in reference to its cob-shaped fruit, is also known as the Swiss cheese plant. Native to the tropical forests of southern Mexico, this plant can grow to be dozens of feet tall with leaves nearly two feet wide. Last Fall while enjoying a local botanical garden with my daughter, I admired the glossy large leaves of Banana Palms and Monsteras and took photographs so I could draw their unique leaves. Once I looked into the origins of the Monstera plant, I thought of how perfect it would be as a backdrop for Mexican-inspired dishes and a great aid in welcoming Spring into our homes.
So I’m ushering in Spring by surrounding us with green inside our home as the snow melts and uncovers the green yet to come. And adding in a bit of flavorful Mexican food with fresh herbs (more green) as I gather friends for a taco night will hopefully make the arrival of Spring come even more quickly!

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