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Host An Appetizer Game Night

Host An Appetizer Game Night

Hosting a game night is a great way to gather friends and family together. You can play one large family-friendly game that is fun for all ages or you can have an adults only night with a variety of games or tables and get competitive!
  1. Set up game stations

Station tables around your home or make two stations at each end of a dining table and set games at each table. Set up 4 chairs at each table or use cushions or stools around a large coffee table. 
  1. Create a beverage area

Set up a beverage station in one area of your kitchen with disposable cups or glassware, cocktail napkins and a bar towel for spills; place straws and swizzle sticks in mason jars or small pitchers (you can keep these in your pantry year round); and include a bottle opener and corkscrew. Fill a large bowl with ice for the beverage station, and include a drink dispenser or pitcher for drinks, lemonade, or water. 
  1. Spread out your apps

Set up a larger area on your kitchen counter for the appetizer spread with plates, a jar filled with forks, serving utensils, more cocktail napkins or coordinated party accessories from tandemfortwo.com.
  1. Set the mood

About 15 minutes before your guests arrive, turn on background music; turn on indoor and outdoor lights or dim the lights and light candles if you haven’t dusted or cleaned in a while (it happens, don’t sweat it!)
  1. Relax yourself

As everyone arrives, pour some drinks, gather friends and family, let go of any guilt about your home, and just enjoy time together!

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