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Spring Comes Every Year!

Spring Comes Every Year!

As much as I have enjoyed visiting warmer climates this winter, there is something about enjoying the change of season in the Midwest. My friends in other states actually envy what we take for granted. They wish they could enjoy a difference in the days to plan for and anticipate. It's funny how something that you get used to or even complain about, especially the weather, is something that can be wished for or celebrated by others.

But we should celebrate the change of seasons! Spring signals change is in the air. It is a turning point. Blooms are struggling to the surface, buds fighting to open. Beauty comes from what’s hard. Some seasons are like that…hard, long, cold, but what comes out of that time can be beautiful.

Spring is transformative. Snow turns to rain and plants come alive after the death of winter. We see a literal transformation as the woods come back to life, birds return, and the days grow warmer.

We don't usually celebrate what has been hard, or long, or mundane. Sometimes the season we are in is a slog and a period of time we just have to get through. I think of my friends who have lost loved ones recently, their spouse has died far too young, have to move parents to a care home, or have teenagers who are rebelling. Some seasons are more than tough, they feel unbearable. But spring reminds us, there is more. There can be change, transformation, growth. Spring can give us hope - a tangible example that we can get through the hard, cold seasons and not just survive, but bloom. It reminds us that a season is temporary and they always change. Spring comes every year and there is beauty in that change.


Thanks so much Joni for taking the time to say so! I am really glad that my words were helpful and I hope you continue to have a beautiful spring!

This is an inspirational post. I really appreciated all the spring, new growth and renewal references. I appreciate the depth and thoughtfulness of your blog posts. It helps me to stop and smell the roses.
Thank you.

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