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Springtime Surprises and Shared Joy!

Springtime Surprises and Shared Joy!

What an unusual winter it has been! With snowdrops and crocuses making an early appearance in February, and days reaching almost 70 degrees as March unfolds, the absence of snowflakes adds to the surprise. We wonder if the snow is really over or if the early buds that are popping out on our state's fruit trees will make it or get hit by a cold snap. 

Amidst these climate shifts, one thing remains constant – our desire to emerge from hibernation and connect with others. There are hints of spring in the air and it's a time we crave connections, a desire to turn our faces to the warmth, and rekindle the joy of shared experiences after months of cocooning in cozy solitude.

Just recently, we hosted a card night at our home, inviting friends who had never met before but shared the common desire to get out of their normal routine, savor delicious food, and share laughter. After a season of staying close to home and missing out on interactions with neighbors, it turned out to be a great way to connect with others.

Why not seize the opportunity to gather friends for your own unique event? Perhaps plan a hike or host a potluck dinner? Let's come together, bringing people from various facets of our lives, foster new connections, and create opportunities to celebrate the changing seasons together!

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