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Squeeze the Fun Out of Summer!

Squeeze the Fun Out of Summer!

Not Back-to-School Yet!

I’m not done yet! We've all seen the back-to-school supplies in the stores and have started to get the catalogs and emails, but I’m here to tell you - summer isn’t over until we say it is! We have a whole bunch of days ahead of us and I plan to make sure that we squeeze the fun and the sunlight out of them! What are those things you’ve been meaning to get to, to take time for that you haven’t gotten to yet? What friends haven’t you seen in a while or have been meaning to get together with? 

Get to the Beach

I haven’t gotten to the beach nearly often enough yet. My kids are older and I no longer keep beach toys in the car for impromptu stops at the beach. Gone are the days of daily play dates in the sand. I have gotten to the beach a few times to sink my toes in the sand and soak up some Vitamin C and I need a few more afternoons of that before the lake turns cooler. 

Porch Parties

I’m hosting another porch party too - a happy hour time to hang out on my front porch with munchies and cool drinks and watch the neighborhood go by. I love being able to gather friends and get them to slow down, take a deep breath, and enjoy each other.

Family Brunches

I want to continue our family Sunday brunches - soon fall will be here and our kids will be in different directions, so I look forward to these times of slowing down over a meal and savoring our conversations.

Rejuvenate Yourself

Whatever it is that rejuvenates you - quiet times by yourself, spontaneous times with friends, or large gatherings, make sure you carve out that time this month before the season changes. It’s so easy for time to keep marching by, our days blending by in a blur and we look back one day and realize that we haven’t made the memories we’ve wanted to along the way. 

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