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Summer Travel Mementos!

Summer Travel Mementos!

Summer is all about exploring new places, traveling to neighborhood farmers' markets, camping in the great outdoors, and adventuring to other states. 

We have so many great gifts to remind you where you have traveled to and enjoyed. Our bucket list gifts even provide a list of all the great things to experience and celebrate, local foods to enjoy, and places not to miss in so many towns and states. 

Our new enamel camp mugs are perfect around the campfire and our swizzle sticks are perfect for cocktails on the front porch. Plus they make unique gifts and share your love of the location it celebrates with the recipient!

Giving to Others

Summer can be a tough time for families trying to make ends meet. School is out, so kids don't have access to free, healthy breakfasts and lunches and because it's summer kids always seem to eat more. Some families have to worry about childcare now that kids are home and each these things can strain an already tight budget. The federal moratorium on evictions has recently expired and shelters are seeing a rise in housing need. There are families that need help in every town. 

We have partnered with The Birthday Party Project, a national non-profit organization that provides parties for kids and their families staying in homeless shelters during their birthday.

Families are given a Birthday-in-a-Bag (it’s the entire party in a bag - supplies, decorations, treats and presents!) and we have been donating 10% of the profits of each purchase made at Tandem For Two toward this terrific project.

In June with your purchases, we provided 8 Birthdays-in-a-Bag to kids in need across the US! When everything else has changed in a kid's life and there doesn't seem much to celebrate, they can feel special on their birthday.

Giving to You

Want to win a free gift box of Tandem For Two products? 

(1) Share this email (just forward it) to a friend.

(2) Tell them to sign up at tandemfortwo.com.

(3) That's it! You and your friend will be entered into a drawing for a box of Tandem For Two goodies that will be shipped to you for free! 

P.S. You can share the email each month with different friends and you’ll be contacted via email if you win!

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