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Let's Celebrate the Olympics!

Let's Celebrate the Olympics!

There is something about the Olympics that gets me everytime. Not just the incredible dedication and competition, the awe-inspiring talent and sportsmanship, but the sense of global community that is on display. I try to never miss an opening ceremony. I love seeing countries from around the globe send athletes to represent the best version of themselves. Enemies and countries that don't understand each other, find common ground in sport and we see them all on one global stage during the opening ceremonies. 

Is there a better excuse to gather friends and family and get together to watch the opening ceremonies or your favorite events? Hosting a watch party doesn't have to be difficult and here are a few ideas to make the gathering fun and easy:

  1. Have plenty of seating! Gather extra chairs, bean bags and floor pillows and make the viewing room cozy.
  2. Decorate with mini flags, even printed paper ones taped to chop sticks work well. And they help your guests get into the team spirit!
  3. When watching events, pass out mini chalkboards and chalk so guests can score and weigh in on the events! (find them at your local dollar store)
  4. Ask guests to bring a dish that represents their heritage or the country they are rooting for.
  5. Use an assortment of paper plates in the colors of the Olympic rings: blue, black, red, gold and green. Or use gold, silver, and bronze colored plates.
  6. Arrange dips and snacks in the colors of the Olympic rings, and set deserts on tiered plates to not only save space, but represent gold, silver, and bronze podiums.
  7. Don't forget to play the Olympic theme song as your guests arrive to get everyone in the mood to celebrate!

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