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Celebrate the Everyday Things!

Celebrate the Everyday Things!

Summer is here! Can you feel it? Here in the Midwest we have brighter days and longer nights. Instead of feeling like it’s time for bed because it’s dark at 5 pm, it feels like you gain a huge part of your day when it’s light until 10 pm! Seriously, in summer I get my second wind and I am running errands, grilling dinner, having cocktails, then going for a bike ride and getting more done, when in the winter I normally would have already been in my pjs and crashed on the couch. 


One of the things I love about living in the Midwest is the change of seasons. Don’t get me wrong I love summer and warmer weather, but I think I would go a bit stir crazy if I didn’t have a change in seasons. I actually like change (when it’s good change) and like having something to look forward to. I am looking forward to the change in pace for our town - there is a fun vibe in our downtown in the summertime. There are more visitors, live music several nights a week, and the patios open up for fun outdoor dining. I love the change in my neighborhood too. You can hear kids squealing with joy as they jump in a pool or play outside. So many people are out each day walking, biking, and skateboarding. I am looking forward to the change of pace for me too. I’ll still be working, but my design time will be with my drawing on our front porch with our dachshund Max by my side. 


My goal of this summer is to celebrate more of the little things. Why wait for a major milestone to make it an occasion to celebrate? Three days of rain and the sun came out? Time for a porch party! Girlfriends have a few hours between running kids places? Go for an appetizer and drinks. Summer solstice = have a bonfire and cookout!  


There are always the big events to celebrate in life - Graduations, Birthdays, Weddings, and Anniversaries. But life already goes by so fast, so let’s slow it down for even a short window of time and celebrate the little things, the ordinary, daily things. What things can you think of that you need to celebrate or ways you can incorporate thankfulness into your everyday?

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