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Things I Love: November 2016

Things I Love: November 2016

My favorite things this month are a snapshot of what I have been doing and working on recently. First off, I quit my day job an dam now my own boss full-time. I love it! To celebrate, my wonderful seamstress gave me a sweet gift to commemorate the occasion - a S’well Water Bottle. I have to say, I have had my eye on them for a while and think they are pretty cool. It has come in handy while I am at my workshop or on the go.

Since it has started to turn a bit cooler, I have been layering with one of my many wool blanket scarves. I love anything plaid, so it doesn’t take much convincing to wear one when the weather turns cool, but I’m also using one as a tablecloth in my sunroom and as a throw on an antique chair I have in my bedroom. This particular chair is mid-century modern, but not nearly as cool as the ones from Joybird. They have such great designs and cheerful colors! And my pillows look pretty cute on it!

Also, the women of my family went on a Girl’s Weekend recently and found numerous cute boutiques and antique stores. One thing that stood out (probably because my daughter hinted so obviously) was a line of candles by Capri Blue. They have a lot of great designs, but their Muse candle comes in a beautiful cut glass container that is definitely a keeper long after the candle is gone. I did get one for my daughter but I may have to get one for myself when I curl up on my bedroom chair with my throw and pillow.


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