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Things I Love this Season

Things I Love this Season

I just spent a weekend in the UP where the colors are just starting to turn and you could catch a glimpse of bright red leaves amongst the deep green. Lake Superior was still surprisingly warm, but the nights were cool enough to enjoy a campfire. Little teases and tastes of fall were everywhere. Fields of yellow goldenrod and the purple of asters were mixed with dried stalks and springs of berries. I love to come across the unexpected in nature and my fall designs include those bits and berries that I love to discover. 

Surprises this Season

I'm sending care packages this week to the three college students in my life. They are a few weeks into school and the initial excitement of starting a new year is over and the reality of classes and homework has set in. So it's time for them to get something unexpected in the mail. Something to make them smile. My Big-as-your-face Chocolate Chip cookies should do the trick! They may not be as big as their faces now compared to when we made them together as toddlers, but they will make them smile. Hopefully from the memories, but from the chocolate will for sure. 

More Surprises this Season

I've been trying to reach out and check in on others more this season. Maybe a text or a note on my hello fall card. A package in the mail or a trinket left on someone's doorstep. Little ways to let others know they are thought of and loved. It's lovely any time of year, but fall is always a season of change, so even better this time of year to remind others you are there with them.

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