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Time to Tidy: 7 Tips to Simplify Your Life - tandemfortwo.com

Time to Tidy: 7 Tips to Simplify Your Life

So I’ve had Marie Kondo’s book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” for several years now. I actually bought it before it became popular, not as much for the topic but because the cover was beautiful. I’ll be honest, it looks nice sitting on my table with a bowl of beach glass. But after a while I became intrigued and started reading the pages of this popular Japanese home/life organization book. It has an interesting twist on typical home purging advice and you may find some things silly at first, but I have to say her ideas were helpful and honestly freeing:

1. I’ve always sorted by room, but this author suggests to sort by category instead. It was eye-opening to sort all of my clothes or books at once. And it felt awesome to have it done completely!

2. Instead of perpetually tidying a little at a time and making it last forever, tidy one category all at once.

3. Feeling guilt over some of your clothes or keepsakes, Kondo says to hold each item and ask if it sparks joy within you. It might feel hokey at first, but it became easier and a guilt-free way of giving myself permission for letting things go.

4. I’m all for practical advice to stay organize and Kondo folds her clothes so that they stand up vertically. I love this because my drawers are no longer a mess when I pull things out.

5. I no longer keep things out of guilt, either because I spent too much and wore it or used it too few times or not at all. The same thing goes for gifts received - give them away so others can enjoy them!

6. When purging my papers, I am scanning what I need to keep and getting rid of the rest. I use the app Scannable and keep things organized in Evernote. So great and even searchable later on!

7. I haven’t tackled all of the kids keepsakes or family moments. I took Kondo’s advice and started with clothes and kitchen gadgets first since I knew that would be easiest to get rid of for me. Start with items that are easier to make decisions about and then you will be in the right mindset to tackle mementos later.

This book is all about pursuing the ultimate simplicity and although I’m not here yet, I sure am a lot closer and a lot more free!

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