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Unique and Inexpensive Gift Wrapping Ideas - Tandem For Two

Unique and Inexpensive Gift Wrapping Ideas

Tired of the store bought plasticky bows? No good at curling ribbon? Want some less expensive gift wrap options? I have tons of ideas on how to make your presents festive and you don’t have to be crafty or break the bank!

Natural Toppers

Free wrapping accessories are just outside your door. Clip a spring of spruce or cedar or whatever evergreen you have (live in the city - get some fresh rosemary!) or scout the ground for pine cones, even interesting small branches will look great tied up on a present.

Tie on an Extra Gift

Find a special ornament or one that has your recipient's initial and tie it on the top of your present to make the gift opening extra special. Tying candy or a gingerbread cookie (or even the cookie cutter) on top of the present instead of a bow is a great way to spice up a gift. Tie on something that hints to what’s inside - if the present is for a chef, then tie on a serving spoon or spreader; for a baker use a cookie cutter; for an entertainer tie on swizzle sticks; for the artist you can tie on paint brushes or pencils.

Unique Wrapping Paper Ideas

Buy large rolls of kraft paper or white butcher paper and have an inexpensive way to wrap all of your gifts. If you have young kids let them scribble or draw on the paper first and then wrap. Have some old atlas’ or maps lying around? Why not use them to wrap your gifts for the traveler or college student in your life? Use cross word puzzles for those who love games and old sheet music to wrap smaller gifts.

Of course, you could always use my bucket list wrapping paper, too - that’s what I’m using this year!

Holiday Gift Tags Printable - Tandem For Two

Wrapping Odd-Shaped Presents

For small items, gift cards, unusual shapes - think socks use a kraft or white paper bag or lunch paper bag and fold down the top and seal shut with a sticker or small handmade card and ribbon. It will look festive but makes wrapping easy!

Ribbon Alternatives

Use thick yarn, baker’s twine, or burlap string to wrap around a gift numerous times instead of ribbon for a fun and easy look. Use a strip of solid colored or coordinated paper instead of ribbon. No good at tying bows? Place a small handmade card or folded note in the middle to finish off the gift.


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