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Give the Perfect Gift This Month

What We’re Giving This Month

January Gift Idea

January we are highlighting our new enamel camp mug! It is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts - those of you who love to camp, boat, or hang out around the backyard bonfire and for those who would rather stay indoors and get cozy! They are 12 oz (they hold more of your favorite beverage than our original mugs) and double-coated with high-gloss enamel and has a stainless steel rim for a lasting finish. They show off all of our new Fresh State designs so well and make great gifts!

Giving to Others

We have partnered with the The Birthday Party Project, a national non-profit organization that provides birthday parties for kids and their families staying in homeless shelters during their birthday. My family has always made a big deal about birthdays and love to celebrate. I can hardly imagine as a mom how hard it would be to want to celebrate your child but not have the means or a home to celebrate in.
During this pandemic, Birthdays-in-a-Bag (it’s the entire party in a bag - supplies, decorations, treats and presents!) have been provided for families and we have been donating 10% of the profits of each purchase made at Tandem For Two toward this terrific project. 
In December with your donations, we provided 33 Birthdays-in-a-Bag to kids in need across the US! Now that is worth celebrating!

Giving to You

We’re giving you and a friend of yours a chance to receive a free gift this month of Tandem For Two products! All you have to do is share this email (just forward it) with a friend and if they sign up at the link below, then you and your friend will be entered into a drawing for a box of Tandem For Two goodies that will be shipped to you for free! You can share the email each month with different friends and you’ll be contacted via email if you win. 

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