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How to Celebrate this January!

How to Celebrate this January!

January in Michigan always feels like a quieter time of reflection for me. The snow muffles sound while I’m working from home and blankets our house in quiet. Even when the snow falls, it does so silently, adding to the air of peacefulness.

A Time For Renewal

Spring is typically thought of as the time for renewal, but honestly, I think of January as kicking off the season of starting anew. I have a desire to purge - to clean out, to simplify, to have order, and to bring some of that peacefulness that I see outdoors, into my home.

Time to Just Be

The snow revives our tired landscapes. The quiet restores our souls. We do more reading as a family. Quiet board games after dinner. Walks or snowshoeing in the woods, listening, wondering, being. 
There are not many seasons in life where we stop to listen, take time to wonder, or just be still.

Thoughtful Celebration

So many dislike the cold, the snow, and can’t wait to “get through” this season. But what if we celebrate this season instead? Our celebrating will be quieter, slower, more thoughtful, just as this season feels. That sounds like just what we need right now.

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