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Celebrate Fall by Apple Picking!

Celebrate Fall by Apple Picking!

The cooler mornings are here and there is a hint of fall in the air. Get ready to get outside and soak up the fall sunshine and enjoy the best of this new season!

Start a Tradition

It doesn’t matter if you’re single or a family, if your kids are young or old, it is never too late to start a new tradition. What better way to usher in the Autumn season than to go apple picking? Harvesting your own fruit is rewarding and delicious and doesn’t take up nearly as much time or effort as you think it might.

Favorite Kinds of Apples

I have several favorite varieties of apples, but I didn’t know I did until I tried them side-by-side. Take a pocket knife with you and when picking each variety, slice an apple and compare varieties. You’ll find difference in texture, crispness and flavor. Macs are super sweet and a bit softer compared to the snap and tartness of a Granny Smith. Jonagolds are a great cross between the crispness of Jonathons and the more mellow flavor of Golden Delicious. And you can’t beat the old fashioned variety of Ida Reds for pies. I actually love to mix several varieties for my applesauce and pies since Galas and Ida Reds hold their shape, but Macintosh’s cook down to create a nice thick sauce.

Ready for Dessert

My favorite part of apple picking is eating homemade donuts and fresh-pressed cider afterwards! We always go to an orchard that makes their donuts on site and there is nothing better than a warm donut from the fryer and a cup of cool pressed cider. We have officially welcome Autumn with these traditions!

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