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Ease Into Fall

Ease Into Fall

Late summer always seems to be the time of cramming in the last adventures before school starts, one more bike ride for ice cream or the last camping trip. Before the fall season hits, and the slower days of summer fade, we seem to try to do it all. But this year isn’t like other years and we aren’t feeling the sense of urgency to finish the summer with a bang. I feel like we are easing into fall this year and our regular schedules aren’t suddenly going to increase, but rather continue the easier pace of what this new era brings. 

Choose Slow

I am choosing slow. Slow meals that we linger over and continue discussions long after dinner. Slow evenings by the backyard bonfire. Slow Saturday mornings on the porch with coffee and conversation. Slow Sunday drives to local sunflower fields. Slow nights of cards games and laughter. 

Find a New Rhythm

When we choose to do life slowly, we are choosing to find a new rhythm. Up until 5 month ago, most of us had only a few speeds - fast and faster - and we only slowed a few times a year when we were able to squeeze a vacation in. 

Embrace This Season

Over the past few years our family has gone through a lot of changes and we learned to do life slow. We’ve been intentional and appreciate moments together, whether they are over meals, over coffee or exploring a new place together. We don’t know how long this season will last, the one my family has found ourselves in or the one we are in globally. But one thing is for sure, we are going to enjoy this season slowly. Savor it. Embrace it. Enjoy it. 

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