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Create a Hot Cocoa Buffet Bar

Create a Hot Cocoa Buffet Bar

Instead of serving regular hot cocoa and coffee at your next gathering, you can make it extra special with a little planning ahead. Gather family at the spur of the moment and not stress at all about how to create a fun evening because you’ll have all the fixings on hand for a yummy hot cocoa buffet!
  1. Keep an assortment of goodies on hand so you can pull out a spread at any time. Things like sprinkles, toffee bits, candy canes, chocolate mint candies, graham crackers, marshmallows are great as well as chocolate and caramel sauces and whipped cream.
  2. If you are planning ahead for this evening, then crush the candies and graham crackers ahead of time and place in sealed containers to keep fresh. Store in a cool place.
  3. Place marshmallows in a bowl, open all the containers of candy, and pour sauces into bowls to easily heat just before.
  4. Heat and fill a carafe with hot water and make a pot of coffee that will be ready when it is time to start.
  5. Let your guests know of all the options so they can create various combinations of flavors!
Even though our gatherings may only be our family, it can be a memorable evening with a little extra effort!

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