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Create the Perfect S'mores!

Create the Perfect S'mores!

There is always room for s’mores, whether you are camping, sitting around the backyard fire pit, or the fireplace in the middle of winter. I've even done them over my stove with skewers or as we gather around a candle!

I love to incorporate different flavors instead of the classic chocolate bar and marshmallow - so set up a spread of options and try these new combinations.

Enjoy different chocolates

Our family favorite is a Reese's peanut butter cup instead of a chocolate bar, but you can also try Nestle Crunch bar, or a white chocolate Oreo bar, caramel chocolate, mint chocolate or dark chocolate.

Change up your crackers

Instead of just a standard honey graham cracker try cinnamon or dark chocolate. Introduce cookies like fudge striped or gingersnaps. Our new favorite is chocolate covered graham crackers in milk or dark chocolate!

Add some fruit

Try strawberries, bananas, apples, cherries - yum! Slice fresh fruit or canned pie filling works well.

Have some salt with the sweet

Try caramels with ritz crackers with the marshmallow and chocolate bar and a sprinkle of salt. Or try totally savory s'mores with a tomato slice, basil leaf, and fresh mozzarella or bacon on a water cracker.

Try different spreads

Nutella and strawberries? Yes please! Or try peanut or almond butter with your toasted marshmallow and chocolate bar. Fruit spreads like apple butter, cherry butter, or lemon curd are easy to try too.

You can always make it into a contest for the wildest or favorite new flavor combination. Have a fun evening with all the ways you can make s'mores!

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