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Enjoy a Bonfire S'mores Night!

Enjoy a Bonfire S'mores Night!

Gather friends and family at the spur of the moment and not stress at all about what to serve because you’ll have all the items on hand to enjoy a fun evening around the bonfire with all the fixings for a yummy s’mores buffet! 

Party Prep

You can keep a full assortment of chocolates and crackers on hand so you can pull out a spread at any time. But if you know that you will have guests over for a bonfire, peel all of the chocolate bars and candies ahead of time and place in sealed containers to keep fresh. You can store them in a cool place. 

A good hour before the party, we make a bonfire so your guests will have great roasting coals by the time you want to eat.

If it's a cool night, I love to serve hot cocoa or coffee cocktails or have plenty of lemonade and drinks on warm ones.

I like to make a clean up station too. Just gather wipes, paper towels and bug spray in a spot away from the food but easy for everyone to grab when needed.  

Time to Party

When the guests arrive, I place the marshmallows in a bowl, open all the containers of candy, and serve an assortment of graham crackers flavors on a tray. I serve peanut butter or hazelnut spreads in bowls with spoons so it is easier to access and less mess for everyone. I carry everything outside on a large trays so fewer trips are made. 

Hand out roasting sticks and let your guests know all of the yummy options available. It's fun to have a few combination ideas written on a chalkboard, but I also like to let my guests create various combinations of flavors! It's fun to vote for craziest combo or favorite of the night and do taste testing!

Pour some drinks, sit down with your friends and family, and enjoy a beautiful evening together!


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