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October is Pretty Wonderful

October is Pretty Wonderful

Even though it feels way too cold way too early, we headed north with some friends to see what colors we could see and what hidden gems we could find along the way. And we definitely found a few! A cool barn brewery that was right behind the home of the brewer and his wife. You had to know it was there, yet by the time we left over a dozen people had come in to enjoy a beverage. Further north we discovered a food truck that served fresh fish for lunch. We passed plenty of farm stands and roadside markets that boasted the fruit of the season. 

Creativity in Unique Places 

It was so fun to see so many people get creative with their businesses. In addition to the traditional markets, I'm seeing even more home grown farm stands that share their harvest and homemade goods as well. Why not turn your barn into a brewery that is only open on the weekends? Live close to one of the Great Lakes? Why not start a fresh catch food truck? I love to see this creativity and people making a living that works for them. 

Some Surprises this Month

I've been dropping off small meals with a little note to surprise and help those who are single and not as likely to cook after a long day at work. It's almost Halloween too, so I'm sending candy and goodies to the three college students in our family so they know they aren't forgotten.

Even texts of encouragement to those you know who may be having a hard season are always an easy way to let others know you are thinking about them. Who can you reach out to this month with the gift of your time, a meal, or encouraging words?

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