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Thankful This Month

Thankful This Month

Where did fall go? A minute ago it was summer, fall passed in a blur, Halloween took a second, and now we are on the eve of the holiday season. Does life feel that way to you sometimes? Fast seasons and slow moments...when my kids were little (or again in their teenage years) I felt certain days took forever and yet seasons of their lives flew by. I know my own mother can't believe she has adult children as old as they are and this week while celebrating my adult son's birthday, I am feeling the same. 

Fast Seasons and Slow Moments

How can we be thankful in the seasons that are hard or long, uncertain or just different? I think we can by being thankful in the slow moments. To pause in the middle of the day and be thankful for what we are doing or who we are around. To give thanks for food to pull out of the fridge, even when we are tired when preparing dinner at the end of a long workday. Thankful for gas to run errands with, even when we are short of time. Pausing to give thanks when our house is chaotic with the noise and complaints of kids, or giving thanks when we come home to any empty nest that we miss being full.

A Joyful and Hard Season

So many seasons of life are joyful or hard for each of us. As we come into this holiday season, I think of how what is joyful for some is difficult for others. For every overwhelmed mom who would like a quiet corner and moment of peace, there is an empty nester who misses the busy days and longs for noise and conversation. 

Gather Others In

Perhaps we can remember in the midst of this season to look around and gather others in. We can help out the overwhelmed mom or include the neighbor who lives alone. We can reach out to those we haven't talked to in a while and though it may feel awkward at first, at least they will know they aren't alone. 

What are you thankful for this month? 

Date nights with my husband - phone calls and conversations with my kids - quietly celebrating our son's birthday (adult kid bdays sure are different) - spending time sewing again (new tea towels!) - walks in our neighboring woods with Max and quiet conversation with God - online orders that come in - trying new Italian recipes...how about you?

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